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Kimata or Kimata Noah is the ancient name given to our homeland Kemet by our Romathi Ancestors. It literally means "The Black Nation". Kemet is the history and heritage of the Romathi people. Though we have lost our homeland Kemet in the course of history, when we speak of Kemet today, we speak of Kimata an organization of organizations that are working for the liberation of our people and the restoration of our homeland. There is the Nikhtah Ma'eyah Kimata, which is the National Church. Then there is the Sema` Ta`awy Kimata, which is the National Company. Both institutions formed under the Sovereignty of the service of InsiIbya ('O Mu'ah Ri'ah)[ Manthu Tekhna acting under the Sovereignty of Amun Ra' So Inthair, the `Ikhaw our Ancestors, and the Romathi people who know their history and heritage. It is a republic composed of a federation of 42 divisions called Sepai`awat headed by Wosat. Its purpose is to enable our Nation to rise above the place we currently hold in the world by giving us back collectively the rights and powers that a Sovereign Nation enjoys and individually by giving us back our history, our heritage, and the rights and powers that free citizens of a Sovereign Nation enjoy. Since we Romah in the Diaspora (Golah) (i.e.: African Americans/Afro Caribbeans/Afro Latinos etc.) don't currently enjoy the rights powers and freedoms of genuine citizens in America, it devolves upon us to obtain these for ourselves.

The place to obtain these powers and freedoms is of course no where but alongside our African brothers and sisters on the continent. It is our native homeland, where ever we may have been born, Africa remains Home, and we remain Africans. Aside from any cultural differences which may exist between those on the Continent and we in the Diaspora (Golat), we need each other to survive. The day when we could be content to stay in our world and leave them in theirs never existed except as a myth propagated by the enemy to keep us divided. We have never had a place in America, all attempts to acquire a place either working within the system or protesting against the system have bought us limited concessions from our former masters. We are still exploited, we are still brutalized, and we are still oppressed. We have revolted, protested, killed, and died for this nation to recognize us. We have submitted to integration and assimilated as best we could without becoming white ourselves and yet we are still at the bottom of the ladder.

We've done everything for this country in the hopes of helping ourselves and yet where is our reward? Where is our prize for all our sacrifice, blood, sweat, and tears? The sad answer is that there is none. For we have been naive in all our struggles, too naive to see the truth - There has never in history been a Nation that survived, living within another nation as we do. Nor has a subject and subservient people ever risen through the ranks to take from their masters the reigns of state or the means of producing wealth. No one begs for freedom but a slave, no one begs for justice but the poor, and no one begs for life but the dead. Does the master give the slave freedom because the slave begs, does the rich give justice to the poor because he begs, does God give life to the dead because they beg, certainly not! And neither will we receive any of these things until we get them for ourselves. For life is for the living and not the dead, wealth is for the rich and not the poor, and freedom my people is for those who possess the courage and power to take it!

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