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Contrary to popular belief and opinion, Black People do have a history which extends beyond their enslavement in America. We say Black because African-American history cannot have began before the Africans came to America. Black or African, as it is called to give it a geographic reference, includes a wide variety of history not just of our nation but of ALL African nations.

We don't often hear of the history of other African nations in this country. The history of European nations being considered more important because this nation is European. So the treatment of African history is sparse at best. Even at the university level, the treatment is shallow, lacking the depth and rigor provided in similar courses in European and Asian studies.

While this is not really the medium for a proper treatment of Black history, it can provide an introduction to some of the requisite subject areas. Of all African nations there are five that come to mind as the forerunners of all others, Anzaniah, Itiyopiyah, Kush, Kimata, and Ifricah. It is these five that provided a foundation for the others to build on. By no coincidence, these five are the oldest historically recorded nations on earth. They invented writing, mathematics, physics, and chemistry. The learning and achievements from these countries has come down to us and forms the very backbone of all man's technology and knowledge to this day.

Similarly, there are three Kimatan Liberators and one Founder who we owe the rebirth of our Nation to. After centuries of oppression and amidst opposition from adversaries among our Nation and our oppressors, these men fought to take back what was taken from us and to restore us to our glory of old. These Heroes, Nathaniel Turner, Denmark Vesey, Gabriel Prosser, and the Founder Marcus Garvey do we praise, Bayete!

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