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What is Kimata?
Kimata is the name of an ancient Nation of North East Africa presently called Egypt, Mizr, or Kemet.

Who is Kimatan?
Any one having origins in Kimata, as a rule, every Black person whose ancestors were brought by force to America and enslaved.

Additionally, those Blacks whose ancestors were brought to the Caribbean and South America and enslaved are welcomed within our Nation as of one blood with us. These people are as a rule, descended from Ifricah which is another ancient Nation of North Africa presently called the Maghreb. We are so closely related through mixing in Africa and here in our common oppression that the distinction is more or less academic and political. We do however recognize and support all Black people's right to self determination and encourage the 'real' Africans (Ifricans) to stand up and rise with us.

What is meant by Kimatan descent?
Kimatan descent means having a father and mother who are Kimatan. We sympathize that oppression and assimilation has brought a degree of non-conformity with this. While we regret the plight of mixed individuals, we accept purely Black people only. By purely Black, we mean people who are Black, who know who they are, who don't have a desire to be anything but African in the fullest sense of the name. In short, if you identify yourself as:

Half Black and Filipina
X part Cherokee
or "have Indian in your family"
then you are not at the right place. It is not the intricacies of your genetic character we reject, it is the confusion of your identity and its consequent potential for conflicts of interests with our mission.

What is meant by Kimatan faith?
Kimatan faith means drawing one's faith and inspiration from Kimata. A person of Kimatan faith could conceivably be of any religion that has its origins in Kimata and from Kimatan people. This origin must be noted, affirmed, and maintained. While Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and even Buddhism all spring from this origin and are all welcome, the Way of Mo'ata is the original Kimatan faith and receives official State sanction.

What is meant by Kimatan language?
The language called Midaw Nuthra- the Divine words. This is the utterance of Kimata - Ro ni Kimata.

What is meant by Kimatan culture?
The restored culture that one has when they re-socialize themselves according to Kimatan principles. It is acquired by getting rid of the enslaved mind state and accepting liberation.

What is the purpose of Kimata?
To liberate Black people.

Who is Manthu Tekhna?
I am the founder of Kimata and InsiIbya of its administration (Par'O` - Pharaoh - The Great House), the Baba or spiritual head of its Church (Nikhtah Ma'eyah Kimata), and a man that loves my people.

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