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Kimata relies on the full support of its members for its success. Your tax deductible contribution will be used for exalting the most efficacious name of Amun Ra' So Inther in liberating our people. He is our Lord and the only One who can save us from our current wretched condition.

There are three principal ways that you can financially support Kimata: Funds, Fees, and Offerings. Funds and Offerings are voluntary donations that can be made by anyone interested in supporting the cause of Kimata. Fees are mandatory obligations incurred by all active members of Kimata.

You can choose where to direct your support by selecting the appropriate fund:

General Fund - Donations go wherever they are most needed.
Facilities Fund - Donations go to facilities, buildings, and maintenance.
Mission Fund - Donations go to spreading the message of Amun Ra' So Inther.
Zimbabwe Fund - Donations go to help Africans reclaim their land.

Additionally, our membership fees go to support the mission of acheiving National self expression and self determination:

Registration Fee - Annual membership fee of $10.00 for each active adult member.
Property Fee - Monthly property assessment fee of 1% of rent or .01% of value.
Consumption Fee - Daily spending assessment fee of 3% on all consumption.
Epah* - Weekly income assessment fee of 1.5625% (1/64) on all income.

Finally, there are the tithes and offerings which go directly to the treasury of Amun Ra' So Inther:

Tithe* - Regular offering of 10% of all income.
Offering - Any nonregular offering amount less than or greater than a tithe.

* Epah is the portion we provide to restore the Eye of Haru which is a symbol for our Nation restored to life. It represents that 1/64 part filled by Amun which the pieces of the Eye did not contain.

* Tithe is the 10% on income that is dedicated by the Nation to Amun Ra' So Inthair. Those who are able then may tithe on top of Epah to fill the treasury of God with abundance.

Kimata was a proud supporter of MATAH. When we first began organizing The Black Nation in 1993 we made a call to the Blood (Sanaf) and Seed (Matah) of the Pharaohs (the Romah). Since that time nothing has been more clear than the need for Black economic self-sufficiency. MATAH was an organization providing an opportunity to attain just that. Unfortunately since the death of its chief founder Ken Bridges the organization has become moribund. With thegoal of resurrecting the economic life of our Nation we have launched smAtAwy a national company with which we can continue to redirect our spending. Support Black Business!!!

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