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Our Religion

The importance of religion or the lack thereof in today's world is often overlooked. Religion, to quote Dr. Ben, "is the deification of a culture". The neglect and denial of this fact being a root cause for the confused mind state which most Blacks find themselves in. Many people in the world have undergone some type of religious conversion. Judaism, Christianity,  Islam, and their many offshoots have captivated the minds of many men for the last 2000 years. How they were spread about also seems to have no effect on the belief of their faithful followers. Islam, which has the bloodiest history of any religion, from start to finish has been spread with the 'sword'. Christianity, which has almost as much blood on hand, has been spread with both sword and machine gun. Judaism and its Yehowah sanctioned genocide of the African Khanani (Canaanites) and its suppression of Ba'al worship on pain of death is fully attested as well. Each of these religions has many admirable philosophies and charitable ideas in their doctrines but these have not historically carried over to any of these religions in their practices. This is to say, that while the conceptions of right and wrong, good and evil, black and white, may have existed in the texts and dogma of these religions, the followers have not practiced this. Instead, they have committed more atrocities against others for the sake of spreading their respective gospels than any sane and righteous person can justify as mere individual evils. Equally as unfortunate is that each of these religions has become filled with anti-Kemitism. The Hadith, and the Talmud are filled with hatred for Romah and all other Black people. Every major Christian church except those of Africa have subscribed at some point in their history to the inferiority of Black people. They have pondered whether Africans have souls, whether we can be saved, whether we are human. This ought not be regarded as a small thing. It is this anti-Kemetic thinking that has led to the Destruction of Black Civilization, the colonization of the African continent, and our own enslavement and genocide in America. 

The root of the wickedness must lie much deeper than with the solitary actions of a few. As Jesus himself said, "know a tree by its fruit". What fruit then have these trees borne? (Evil) It is readily admitted by many adherents, that each of these religions come out of the traditional Romathi beliefs and practices. Does this mean that the root evil lies here? (No) The reason being that each of these religions were grafted. They were made of beliefs and practices cleaved from a Romathi foundation and implanted onto an alien culture. The purpose of their being grafted was to give a newer, younger, and upstart religion, a foundation to combat and replace the traditional religion of the people. The pool of knowledge couldn't go beyond what the founders of these religions had learned and so they drew on the most readily available source outside of their native culture, Kimata. They were not interested in spreading the religion of Kimata (Shimsat Nuthar) they were only interested in furthering their own agendas. So these 'prophets' took a few teachings, an idea of a Savior and a Resurrection, a Death and an Afterlife, a Judgment and a Reward/Punishment and they added totalitarian worldview where anyone not accepting their newfound path to glory was damned to hell, and this they passed of as a religion. This was not the deification of a culture instead, it was the deification of an individual! This at the degredation of a culture both the native culture of the propagator and ALL native culture. But enough of alien cultures, religions, and races. It is for your own that you have come here.

The religion of Kimata is Shimsat Nuthar, Following God (Amun Ra') in the ways of Mo'at. Mo'at is the highest concept in Romathi spirituality because she is truth and righteousness. She is the daughter of Amun Ra' So Inther. Can there be any higher religion than the truth? (No) So then quite rightfully do we claim to have the one and only path to God inasmuch as one cannot reach God through wickedness and falsehood. We however know that the revelation of God is broader than our vision. Since religion is the deification of culture, and we are quite attached to our culture, it is only logical that our religious experience is seen within our cultural context. We are not so vain as to believe that God can only be experienced through our cultural context. We know that each individual can in fact better experience God in their own cultural context rather than dealing with a slew of cultural regalia that has nothing to do with God before getting down to what is of real import - namely walking in the ways of right and truth. What of those whose culture has been stolen, who have lost their true selves, how can they best experience God? (Through their true culture) We do not support people remaining in mental bondage. We realize that in order to free oneself one must rebuild from the ground up, discarding all the old socialization that conflicts and replacing it with the newer truer mentality. In effect one must be born again. For some this is easier than others. Generally for those who are dissatisfied with the current system it is easier than for those who are content with things as they are. This makes the task of liberating our people that much harder because the enemy does all he can to keep us content, sedated, and otherwise apathetic whether it be with entertainment, or success, or the Sunday Rush, We Romah are hooked on drugs that make us feel better and we cannot and do not want to see the truth. The truth can be painful but some are brave enough to face it in hope of changing things. Others are content to leave them be as long as they can dull the pain with sex, drugs, and other entertainment. Amun demands more of us than this, he demands that we turn to him and follow him in the ways of Mo'at.

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