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Wosat is the chief sape`ah of Kimata and therefore she is the first sape`ah being revived in the mission to resurrect Kimata No. Each sape`ah functions as an administrative district and is used to organize the population on a regional scale. Their primary function is to maintain the organization within their spheres of authority regionally and work collectively to govern the organization nationally.

Each sape`ah must be chartered individually and receive its authority and name directly from Wosat. In doing so it adopts the constitution, laws, governance, and faith of Wosat.

"Wosat is renown beyond every other city. The water and land were in her from the first times. Then sand came to delimit the fields and to create her ground on the hillock and thus earth came into being. Men came into being in her, to found every city with her real name, for their name is called "city" only under the oversight of Wosat, the Eye of Ra'. Her majesty came as the Sound Eye and the Beneficial Eye, to bind the land thereby together with her Ka, coming to rest and alighting in Ishar in her form as Sakhmat, the Mistress of the Two Lands. "How mighty she is," they say about her, " in her name of Wosat!". She remains sound in her name of the Sound Eye, the eye within, which is in his sun disc; Opposite her Lord, appearing and appointed in her place in her name of Appointed of Places, without her peer. Every other city is under her shadow, to magnify themselves through Wosat. She is the exemplar."

That declaration from the Sayfa Amun explains the basis of Wosat's leadership.

Applications for establishing a sape`ah in your area should be sent via e-mail to InsiIbya ('O Mu'ah Ri'ah)[ Manthu Tekhna. Applicants should possess significant knowledge of the history and mission of Kimata, acceptance of her religious and cultural tradition, as well as a strong desire to uphold this tradition. Typically, one charter will be issued to establish one sape`ah per metropolitan area. Wosat herself serves the Philadelphia metropolitan area which includes South Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey, and Northern Delaware. Groups of 10 or more members seeking to set up a sape`ah will be granted a charter provided no sape`ah exists or is in formation in the affected area. These members and all subsequent members must swear to uphold the authority of Wosat and support the mission and heritage of Kimata above and beyond any other obligations or commitments they might have.

Membership in Kimata is restricted to those of Romathi descent. Only under certain specific circumstances (outlined below) is anyone who is not of Romathi descent allowed to be a member or become a member in any sape`ah. Romathi descent refers to those individuals who are descended from Africans, principally of Anago Yoruba (Na 'O` Oyo Romah), Gobiri, and Sapi extraction, enslaved in the Americas. These Africans are of Romathi origin and membership in Kimata is their birthright. This includes most Black people in the western hemisphere with the exception of those primarily of Fulani, Songhai, and Ashanti extractions. These Africans are of Khanani origin but an exception to membership in Kimata is made for them owing to our common circumstances in this period of captivity and exile.

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