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What Is Shimsat Nuthar? What Is A Shamsu?
Minister Ra'Min Orisha's Teaching from Orisha Speaks,

Shimsat Nuthar is something new to our Black People in America and these two questions are often asked - What is Shimsat Nuthar And What is A Shamsu ?

The Romah call our way of life Shimsat Nuthar, Which means, To follow in the way of God. The Romathi name, Shimsat Nuthar, which means following in the way of God in his religion (Ma'at), is what answers the question 'What is the Black Man's religion?'.

Our Black people were brought up by our oppressor, the enemy, who did not want us to ever know anything about Shimsat Nuthar, because once the black slave learned Shimsat Nuthar, He would never be a slave anymore. You can probably enslave a weak Romah - one who likes the life of the wicked world of the devil. He will not care for Shimsat Nuthar, although you try to teach Shimsat Nuthar to him. He is all but drunk and suffocated with the cares of this world and of his wicked enemy's people. It is hard to teach such a person righteousness.

Shimsat Nuthar has many significances to it. Shimsat Nuthar is wisdom. Shimsat Nuthar is guidance of God for Man. Shimsat Nuthar is the only way of God. Shimsat Nuthar is called a religion, although Shimsat Nuthar is not a religion. Shimsat Nuthar is referred to as a religion due to the many hundreds of various kinds of religions practiced today. These various religions have captured the minds and hearts of the people, to believe in these religions, because they allow the people to practice the evils of this world's life. One who continues to practice the evils of this world's life is called a weak Shamsu, or a weak believer. Shimsat Nuthar, as one of the wise men put it, is the sun of law and truth to outshine everything that goes for religion. Shimsat Nuthar does not confuse the seeker, nor does Shimsat Nuthar confound the believer. Shimsat Nuthar is simple. This is why one discipline of Shimsat Nuthar is studying the Sun, the Moon and the Stars. Shimsat Nuthar, the divine duty of man...He has it in the universal order of things. The Black Man has the right religion as there is no other religion that you can believe in, or read of, or know of, that has the truth of that religion backed by the universal order of things. Only Shimsat Nuthar is backed by the universal order of things. This is why it takes much tricking and tempting of you, by the Devil to pull you away from Shimsat Nuthar, once you began to believe in Shimsat Nuthar. Once you begin to practice Shimsat Nuthar, it is very hard to change you.

Many times, the weak Romah will try to practice the evil of the devil, but he will not make a good actor as long as he knows Shimsat Nuthar and is one of the believers of Shimsat Nuthar. The Oppressor - The evil enemy of our people, knows Shimsat Nuthar, but by nature he was not made to believe and to teach Shimsat Nuthar. There are a few among the Ho`yinbow that believe in Shimsat Nuthar as sincerely as real Shamsus do. These Ho`yinbow will see the here-after and will be around for a long, long time, but the Ho`yinbow and the Romah who oppose Shimsat Nuthar will be cut off. And they will be cut off, soon.

Shimsat Nuthar is righteousness, Shimsat Nuthar is Justice. Shimsat Nuthar is Equality, Shimsat Nuthar is Freedom. Shimsat Nuthar is everything the created man needs. The Black people in America are, by nature, born Shamsu. Our enemy the slave-making devil, deprived the Black Man in America of the knowledge of himself. Accordingly he has deprived the Black Man in countries other than America, of the knowledge of self. An eye of luxury is the first thing the Black Man looks at the enemy with. This is why the enemy's luxury must be brought to a naught. This is done to relieve the Black people who are in love with the enemy because of his wealth and luxury. The enemy got his wealth and luxury from the labor of the Black Man. The enemy enslaves all who believe in him. The enemy makes the Black Man work for him for little or nothing.

The Black Man of Africa... The enemy has robbed them of their good land which holds wealth in it. In Africa, The enemy became the master over the wealth and he put the poor African to slave for little or nothing, to dig the wealth out of the earth and give it to the enemy. Some of the poor African workers cannot change clothes. They do not have enough money to buy a change of clothing. They have to wash and dry their clothes so that they can wear them the next day, until the garments are worn out. Think about it - working for pennies a day. When could he ever buy a suit of clothes with that salary? The Black Man in Africa is pitiful, as the Black Slave in America was, once upon a time. Now the enemy will make the Black Slave in America look dignified like himself, in order to fool the African and other people of the world. They do this to make these other Black men fall for the enemy's tricknology.

In America, on the streets and in traffic, you cannot tell the master from the slave. The master sells the black slave his fine automobiles, if he is able to pay for them. They both look alike with fine clothes. This is to trick other Black People, to follow the enemy. We must remember that Horus told of the rich and wealthy man and the poor man in a parable. But the end came to both. The end came to the wealth of the rich man and an end came to the poor man's laying down and wishing and grieving for the wealth of his master. Then he got angry and he wanted to pull everything down, even if he had to go down with it. He is well angry with the slave-master when he wakes up and learns that he has been robbed so thoroughly that he does not even know himself. The Black man in America has a wonderful chance to be set in Heaven at once. And not in Hell if he will accept the opportunity by accepting Shimsat Nuthar.

Shimsat Nuthar is the nature in which the Black man was created. The Black Man was created in the nature of righteousness and not in the nature of evil. I do not care what you say about the Black man he is not an evil man, by nature, The Black Man is good, by nature, and all you have to do is strip off that which is not himself. The Black Man being born under and nursed by the enemy. The enemy will make you to be like he would like you to be. This is what has happened to us, the Black Man in America. Just think of how much love the Black Man and the Black Woman has for the enemy. You can hardly get the Black Man on the road to self. The road to self is an unlimited road, But the enemy has fascinated the Black Man with wealth and luxury and the Black Man is not looking to do anything for self. He wants his self in the enemy, just for the sake of temporary luxury. They are satisfied just to work for the smile and the look of friendship of the enemy. The snake smiles at his prey until he gets him within his reach, and then he swallows the prey. And in the Sacred Book, there is a place where it teaches us that God will bring out of the dragon's belly that which he has swallowed. No where in the Sacred Book is the enemy referred to by a good name. The book begins with the enemy symbolized as a snake, and it ends with him as a snake. Why style the enemy as a snake? He has the characteristics of a snake. By nature, the snake will let you know that he does not like you. When the snake looks at you he begins to stick his tongue out. This is a warning that he does not like you. And the snake has a forked tongue and not a straight tongue. This warns you that he is something that is compared with a human being that also has a forked tongue, who tells lies on one side and the truth on the other side. But he keeps the lie going stronger than the truth. So the forked tongue person is something, which by nature it is not good to take him for a friend. In the nature of the enemy, he has a forked tongue. He will talk truth with you and he will talk evil with you. This is what is called tricknology. He lies to you in one word and tells the truth in another word to keep you thinking he is a friend of yours, By admitting the truth in one word and following it with a hundred more words that are other than the truth. The enemy knows that by nature you are one of the righteous and if he can get you to believe him then he laughs at God and says, " If they follow me, you do not own them." Today, He would like to take all the so-called African-Americans to hell with him by fooling them into thinking that he is a 'good adviser' to them. But when the showdown comes he denies that he is guilty of misleading you. He says that you misguided yourselves.

"Had not, from among yourselves come a warner, A Messenger warning you of these your days'? Remember these words "Your Days" Black Man, these are your days. The enemy's days are gone. As I have often said, I do not blame the enemy for using the very nature in which he was made. It is the god of these enemies who is to blame for making such a people, And the enemy obeys his god. Everything you see him do he is made to do it. If you Black Man follow the enemy, you are to blame for the consequences of your following an open enemy. The oppressor is not a secret enemy he is an open enemy. Shimsat Nuthar is the only thing that can take our Black People into self again, after two thousand (2,000) years away from self. We had four hundred (400) years here in America, as a regular experiment - People, to be experimented on by the devil. Black Women should be made to stay away from the devil. And when enough Black Men believe in Shimsat Nuthar, they will keep our Black Women out of the presence of the enemy. The enemy feels so sure of the power he has of tricking the Black Man that day and night you see Black Women on the television programs dancing around and doing his bidding in the public. These Colored performers do not care anything about what you are trying to do to unite our Black People together. They do not care, and for the sake of a dollar they will destroy their own self, for they do not know self. If the Black Woman knew herself she would not dare allow herself to be destroyed by the devil. We have to teach the Black Woman herself. We are responsible for her knowing herself. Will you help me to make known the self of the Black Man and Woman? What is a Shamsu? As I have foresaid, Amun (God) to whom praises are due forever, has taught me that all Black Men, Black Women and Black Children are Shamsu by Nature. They are from the righteous. This is why the Sacred Book teaches you that they will all be saved. Naturally the enemy would not teach you that this is referring to the Black Slave, The Black Man in America. Also, in the Sacred Book, you have the parable of the bones waking up and uniting together and assembling a frame of bones. Then the lesson teaches you that they all did live. The Shadiah, a later book than the Sacred Book, verifies the parable by teaching you and me that Amun (God) gave life to all. He called them once and they all stood up. The Sacred Book has it symbolically that when the loud trumpet sounded, they all will wake up.

Black Brother, Black Sister, you are by nature one of the righteous but you have been robbed of your righteousness and made to live unrighteousness until now. But you will be led into following, by divine will and power. You will be made to accept yourself. There is no limit to the nation of the Black Man. The Black Nation will endure forever. God Himself is with us. Let us follow Amun (God) and live forever. Hotep.

The mercy of Amun (God) and his blessings to he that believes and accepts his own...Shimsat Nuthar and the Shamsus. Minister Ra' Min Orisha, Servant of Amun, to you all.

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