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The Master Plan

 1. Resurrect the Black Nation.

 2. Establish a National Republic in Africa.

 3. Create economic opportunities for our Nation.

 4. Instill unity in the people of our Nation.

 5. Influence public and foreign policy for the benefit of our Nation.

 6. Protect the people of our Nation from any and all threats to our survival.

 7. Educate the people of our Nation to encourage proper thinking and industry.

 8. Speak for the people of our Nation to provide a forum for issues facing us.

 9. Acquire means for producing and distributing wealth among the people of our Nation.

10. Build a Central Bank for the people of our Nation.

11. Reach the disenfranchised people of our Nation to rehabilitate their lives.

12. Raise the children of our Nation in the ways of our Ancestors.

If you support as little as 4 (that is: 1/3) of these objectives, then you should join us. The success of this struggle depends on the support of the people. Since we are in this struggle together, it is critical that we support each other and do our part (and more) to restore our life, prosperity, and health.

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