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There are three qualities that our National Organizing Institution must have to be successful, four that it must possess to triumph over the forces that seek to hold us in the service of our Oppressors.
1. It must be sovereign - Not being subject to any authority other than itself and the God.
2. It must be perpetual - Not being subject to any temporal constraints of natural life.
3. It must be popular - Not being subject to any elite privileged class of officialdom.
4. It must be excellent - Not being subject to any shortcoming in its leadership or constituency.

These qualities are summed up by the following quotation from the Pharaoh Ra'Masis III:
(1)Mo'at has been victorious since the time of the God.
(2)Kimata will be forever.
(3)It is her ardor that courses through our limbs,
(4)her mastery that is supreme, in its execution as in its design.

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