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The Romathi Calendar

The calendar of the Romah is broken down into twelve months of 30 days. Each of the 12 months consists of 3 weeks with 10 days. There is also an additional 5 day week at the end for a total of 365 days. Every four years 1 additional day is added to this last 5 day week to give a total of 366 days which is the Romathi leap year. The year is divided into 3 seasons, and each season is of 4 month's duration.

Aboj Start Date Leap Year
Start Date
Jaxowatha 11 Sept 12 Sept
PaOpah 11 Oct 12 Oct
XatXor 10 Nov 11 Nov
KaXirKa 10 Dec 11 Dec
Ta'Obah 9 Jan 10 Jan
Mikhir 8 Feb 9 Feb
PaAmunXatpi 10 Mar -
PaRinWotah 9 Apr -
PaKhansu 9 May -
PaOnah 8 Jun -
Ipep 8 Jul -
MisahRe' 7 Aug -
NaSew 6 Sep -

Okhah - is the first season. The season of the inundation of the Nile.





Pirah - is the second season. The season of planting the fields.





Shom - is the third season. The season of harvesting the crops.





NaSew - the five days over the year for celebrating the births of:

  Osar, Xor, Sath, Esah, and NebtXah. The Fathers and Mothers of our Nation.

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