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In order to avoid confusion with other Black Nationalist Organizations, I felt it necessary to explain some major points of difference between our way (Mo'ata-the way of Truth), and their ways. Quite simply, one often hears how the Bible and Christianity have been tampered with. While this is quite true, the same is true of the Quran and Islam. Though we don't subscribe to any of these tenets in their present form, with revision they can coexist peacably with our practice(the way of Mo'ata-Truth). There were never meant to be three religions or more which our people are now divided amongst. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam spring from the same source which is the Nile Valley. This being the case, if these three religions were to return to their origin and denounce the errors which have crept into them over the years, then they would be quite acceptable. Judaism has gone from an Ethiopian to an Asian religion. Christianity likewise has traveled from Egypt to Asia and then to Europe. Islam in its essence was no more than a continuation of these but it traveled to Persia and became both anti-woman and anti-Black. All three of these faiths villify or have been used to villify the Gods the Pharaohs and the Peoples of the Black Nation.

If now there is to be any unity of religion amongst us Blacks then the leaders of our community must get together acknowledge the problem and the facts and make the appropriate changes. In doing so, they would be doing nothing more than what the whites have done for centuries. If the religion is yours, then there should be no anxiety about interpreting and correcting it. There is no time to wait for the leaders to make these changes however for nation building must begin now. By researching Islam and reading the works of Ibn Battuta, Ibn Khaldun, and Muammar Qaddafi I began to question the suitability of it as a religion for Black People. I then discovered the Hadith and found Blacks referred to as raisin heads and was totally thrown off. Nonetheless I proceeded to search the Quran and sure enough Mo'ata revealed sura 3:106ff. where those whose faces are Black are condemned to hell. Though I haven't found anything else in the Quran which could be construed as anti-Black, there is an antipathy to darkness throughout. And though it may be metaphorically referring to spiritual darkness, the Blackness of the faces of those condemned to hell was explicitly expressed (aswad).

As a Black man, any religion which rejects me, I reject, any which accepts me, I accept, any which denounces me, I denounce, and any which exalts me, I exalt - 'the law of equality'. Furthermore the Black man woman and child are God and God does not submit! It follows that the true interpretation of Islam together with the true recitation were obscured by so many centuries of foreign rule. When this state of confusion is remedied then Islam will be acceptable and not before. One pure sura is better than a thousand corrupted. The wheat must be separated from the chaff. Hail Mo'ata!

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