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We are pleased to have this opportunity to assist you in regaining what you have lost through centuries of enslavement, acculturation, and assimilation - namely your True self.

Membership in Kimata entitles each Black Man, Black Woman, and Black Child to a history, a language, a culture, and a way of life that has been denied them for 400 years.

Revenue for our Nation is derived from: the annual registration fee of $10 required from each active adult member, the monthly property assessment fee on real estate of 1% of rent or .01% of assessed value, the daily 3% consumption assessment fee on spending, and the annual income assessment fee called Epah based on 1.5625% (1/64) of income that is collected from each active member. Additional funds are raised through various funds which operate to collect money for specific purposes and projects. The National Budget is presented to the Assembly and the active membership each Jaxowatha 1st (September 11th or 12th before leap year) (The Romathi new year). It details the proposed revenue derivation and allocation for the following year.

These fees and assessments should prevent no one serious about obtaining true freedom from joining Kimata. Funds derived from these sources support the organization of our people and the mobilization of our resources on a National scale, without which talk about liberation and a Black Nation is an academic exercise. Obtaining freedom requires sacrifices be made. A great effort has been made to ensure those sacrifices are not too burdensome while retaining their effectiveness.

As a member of Kimata, you pledge to restore, uphold, and defend the noble path of our Ancestors. You are encouraged to have a Romathi name recorded in the manner of the traditional naming ceremonies of our people. Decorative papyrus certificates with your name in Romathi scripts are available on request and at a nominal $10 fee. Those who wish to join Kimata should know first what it is, what it stands for, and what it is to accomplish. If afterwards you find it is for you then join us!


InsiIbya ('O Mu'ah Ri'ah)[ Manthu Tekhna

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This information is requested chiefly for our administrative purposes. Please be as accurate and as detailed as possible as it will help us to gauge the resources (both human and material) that we have available to our Nation. If multiple members of the same family wish to join, then please fill out separate forms for each. Thank You.

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What spiritual path has your life taken thus far?
How do you see your role in Kimata?