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About Shimsat Nuthar...

The original faith of Kemet (The Black Nation) is following in the ways of truth and righteousness (personified by Ma'at) as commanded by Amun Ra' So Inthair. This faith, Shimsat Nuthar, that comes down to us from the Pharaonic culture of Kemet (Ancient Egypt) means " The Following of God". It is the mission of the Nikhtah Ma'eyah Kimata to promote, teach, establish, and maintain this faith in the world today.

A Word of Welcome...

Blood and Seed of the Pharaohs, welcome! You have reached the official site of the Nikhtah Ma'eyah Kimata, the Orthodox Church of Kemet. Here you can find information on our Church and affiliated institutions, on our most Ancient and Sacred Scriptures that predate any others in the world, on the legacy of our faith, our history, and our heritage as passed down through the generations.
Baba Manthu Tekhna

Welcome to Kimata! Where we are dedicated to preserving and promoting the life, the prosperity, and the health of the resurrected Black Nation (Kemet). The Spirits of the Ancestors speak, calling their descendants to rise from the ashes of our death and the chains of our captivity:

'...Ma'at has been victorious since the time of the God. The Black Nation (Kemet) will be forever. It is her ardor that courses through our limbs, her mastery that is supreme, in its execution as in its design...'

This one quote, from Pharaoh Ra'Masis III a. w. s., contains the keys to the resurrection of the entire Black Nation! If you are ready to take these keys to unlock the chains that keep you in bondage, and to resurrect your People, then you may obtain them here.

We welcome your support!!!

Nikhtah Ma'eyah Kimata is a Church and therefore is recognized as tax exempt under Sec. 501(c)(3) of the IRC.

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