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Our Statement Of Faith

The foundation of the Nikhtah Ma'eyah Kimata is rooted in two principles. The first is that we Black People are a Nation. And the second is that we Black People have a God. These two principles, God and Nation, are essential and inseparable elements of our constitution. Together they form the basis of the covenant between Amun Ra' and his chosen people, the Romah.

On God:
0. We believe in the one true and living God (Nuthar) whose name is Amun Ra' So Inther.
1. We believe in the establishment of the covenant that Amun Ra' made with the Romah.
2. We believe in the selection made by Amun Ra' of the Romah to be his chosen people.
3. We believe in the standard set by Amun Ra' all people to uphold justice in the person of Mo'at.
4. We believe in the subjection by Amun Ra' of everything to the rule of Mo'at including himself.
5. We believe in the creation of forces and powers of nature and the universe by Amun Ra'.
6. We believe in the descent from Amun Ra' of those divine persons called Inther (Divinities).
7. We believe in the absolute sovereignty of Amun Ra' as King (So) of the Divinities (Inther).
8. We believe in the revelation of the Law (Xonah) by Jaxowatha to Khiwafu on Mt. Wa'bi.
9. We believe in the inspiration of the Sacred Book (Xamaz) as the word of Amun Ra' to the Romah.

On Nation:
0. We believe that the Blacks of America are the lineal descendants of the Romah.
1. We believe that the removal of the Romah from Africa was intentional.
2. We believe that a plot to deprive the Romah of their heritage exists.
3. We believe that this plot is used to keep the Romah subjugated and to keep Africa subjugated.
4. We believe that many know or suspect that they are descended from the Romah.
5. We believe that many who know this deny their Romah heritage due to religious indoctrination.
6. We believe that to be truly free, the Romah must leave their master's house and return to Kimata.
7. We believe that the Romah descend from the Inther in the physical and spiritual sense.
8. We believe that since we Romah are descended from the divine Inther, we are also divine persons.
9. We believe that the plan of Amun Ra' is to liberate the Romah his chosen people from captivity.

The essence of Romathi theology or Egyptian (Kemetic) religion does not conveniently fit into any of the categories of western theology. This should not be surprising as it is not a western faith tradition. There is a passage that exemplifies the Romathi theology in its own terms however. This passage coming from a Hymn to Amun in the National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden, Netherlands elucidates the degree of development in Romathi theology. It dates to the 19th Dynasty of the New Kingdom and so predates any similar conceptions in other traditions by over a thousand years.

"All Divinity is three,
Amun, Ra', and Ptax, their second is not.
His name is hidden in Amun,
He is Ra' in face, his body is Patax."

The unity of God is recognized in the use of the singular pronouns 'He' & 'His', his trinity is recognized in the use of the number '3' and the plural pronoun 'their', and his supremacy is recognized in the statement 'their second is not'. The transcendent nature of God is recognized in the hidden aspect of Amun, his immanent nature is recognized in the governing aspect of Ra', and his emergent nature is recognized in the originating aspect of Patax.

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