Kimata Has Returned


Our Lord Amun Ra' has blessed us to reclaim our name in the Year of Kemet (R.K.) 6540 on the 1st of PaRinWotah (The month of the "Bearer of the Name"), nothing short of a miracle and a clear sign for the witnesses and the unbelievers! All praises be to he who hears his servants' prayer, Amun Ra' So Inthair! We are back now and stronger than ever, Hotep!

The Nikhtah Ma'eyah Kimata (Orthodox Church of Kemet) is the National Church of the Romathi People. Here, we are dedicated to practicing the real Old Time Religion of our ancestors, achieving the liberation of our people, promoting the reclamation of our identity, and realizing the resurrection of our Nation. Before proceeding, you should first read what we believe. Those who are called to serve this cause and assist our efforts are encouraged to enter our sanctuary. Then, if you are ready to witness Amun's hand in your life, you may join us.

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